Your dreams are the vision. Your wealth plan is the blueprint. This is the foundation for reaching your lifelong dreams.


Comprehensive Wealth Planning

Our role is to develop a comprehensive wealth management plan for each client and to identify areas requiring specific external expertise. 

Where we feel such expertise is needed, we work with your current and trusted accountant, lawyer, actuary and other professionals.  We can also call on our diverse network of external professional consultants for the expertise required to create and implement your unique wealth management plan.

Comprehensive Wealth  Plan

Financial Management 

We understand goals and objectives and set clearly defined strategies for your overall plan, then determine the optimal asset allocation and a personalized risk/reward portfolio profile based on individual investment objectives.

•Strict due diligence
•Asset allocation
•Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Integrated Planning

Long-term planning helps you move beyond  investment advice and money management to address personal as well as financial goals and objectives.

•Insurance Solutions
•Retirement Planning
•Succession Planning

 Integrated Planning

Wealth management plans encompass more than just investment selection as insurance and tax planning are two very effective means of increasing after-tax returns. 

Insurance Solutions

Insurance is essential to any wealth management plan. When unfortunate events happen - sudden death, disability or critical illness, for example - insurance can protect you and your family from undue hardship. Some life insurance policies also provide tax-advantaged savings that you can draw on to achieve goals such as buying property or retiring comfortably. 

We have access to a range of insurance solutions that can help meet your needs:

  • Life insurance  
  • Disability insurance  
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Long-term care
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Group health benefits 

As independent advisors, we are able to incorporate creative insurance strategies that can preserve and grow your wealth while keeping the insurance costs at a minimum.

Retirement Planning

You worked hard to achieve a certain level of financial independence and retirement is the time to enjoy it. For most Canadians, retirement requires considerable financial commitment. We work with you to determine how much retirement income you will require, and to identify and optimize all sources of that income.

If a gap exists between your retirement income needs and your projected income, we will determine the additional annual savings required to meet your target and devise a sophisticated retirement planning solution that will meet your needs in a tax-efficient manner.

Succession Planning

We can help you and your loved ones follow a proactive approach to succession planning that will help avoid complications. The process centres on life insurance and the preparation of a will. Life insurance can ease the financial burden for your loved ones if you die. A legal will defines your intentions and wishes while guiding your loved ones through the succession process. 


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