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Investment Management Process

At the core of Foundation Private Wealth Management Securities is our disciplined investment management process. Investments are an integral part of your overall wealth management plan. 

Strict due diligence

Our strict due diligence process guarantees that some of the leading portfolio managers from around the world are working for our clients. Each portfolio manager is selected and evaluated according to our three levels of analysis: 

First level analysis:  Using risk return analysis, we distil a short-list of select portfolio managers from a universe of over 3,000 investment mandates. 

Second level analysis: An analysis of past performance over several market cycles is performed for each manager identified. We not only examine the past performance to confirm a track record, but dig deeper to assess the manager's ability to outperform (or continue to outperform) on a go forward basis. We also conduct an in-depth personal interview to fully ascertain their investment selection process, style, philosophy and objectives for their respective portfolio mandates.    

Third level analysis: Our due diligence process does not end once a portfolio manager is selected. We continue to monitor their performance and ability to maintain superior relative risk adjusted returns that meet our high standards. We maintain ongoing communication to ensure they stay the course of the mandate objectives, as each manager has a defined investment role within our clients’ portfolios. 
We also maintain a list of top alternatives in the event of a material adverse change that would warrant the dismissal of a specific manager from our portfolios. 

Asset allocation

We have access to a wide range of best-in-class portfolio managers to meet your investment needs. We identify and integrate the portfolio managers who have shown a consistent ability to outperform their benchmarks. We carefully consider the potential tax implications of each recommended investment.

As an independent wealth management firm, we can guarantee impartiality and truly objective investment opinions for our clients. We make our recommendations

based on careful analysis of data collected from top industry sources. 

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

With your input and your goals in mind, we draft your investment policy statement. This statement provides the mandate for day-to-day decisions on your investments. It includes your return expectations, income requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon and other personal criteria. 

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